The Digital Dividend

IAB UK's latest study reveals the value of digital advertising to the UK economy, its businesses & its people

An introduction from our CEO Jon Mew

We had a very clear aim when we embarked on this study with Public First: to quantify the value that the digital advertising industry delivers to the UK economy, businesses around the country, and the vast majority of people who depend on free digital services every single day.  

Significantly, we have been able to put a value on the UK digital advertising industry’s economic footprint for the first time: ‘The Digital Dividend’ shows that the industry contributed a total of £129 billion in gross value added (GVA) to the UK economy in 2022 and supported 2 million jobs. For every £1 spent on digital advertising, £4.80 was delivered back to the economy in GVA.

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£129 bn contributed to UK economy by digital advertising

The Digital Dividend in numbers

After the headline numbers at a glance? Our downloadable infographic pulls together the key findings from The Digital Dividend – including the industry’s employment footprint and the value consumers place on ad-supported online services. For more, see the full report.

At-a-glance: one-page takeaways

Delve deeper into the data with our one-page guides, summarising the impact of digital advertising on the UK economy, as well as its value for businesses and consumers.

Abstract shapes

Breaking down digital advertising’s total economic footprint

Abstract shapes

The impact of the digital advertising industry in the UK

Abstract shapes

The value of digital advertising to UK businesses

abstract shapes

The value of digital advertising to UK consumers

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Watch our short film

Press play and watch a short video that highlights the key findings from the ‘The Digital Dividend’ in just under 3 minutes.

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John Whittingdale MP: Digital advertising ensures people “can enjoy hundreds of online services without charge”

Read the press release for insight on why ‘The Digital Dividend’ is significant for policy-makers, including views from John Whittingdale, Minister of State for Media and the Creative Industries, and Christie Dennehy-Neil, Head of Policy & Regulatory Affairs at IAB UK

2 million jobs
Full report

Get the full findings

Download the report in full for a wealth of extra insight from Public First, including how digital advertising’s economic contribution ranks against other industries and how consumers are using free digital services daily. The full report is available for all IAB UK members to download for free. If you're not a member but wish to see the full report, please email [email protected]

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